Acne Scars and How To Deal With Them

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Acne breakouts can come and go but what’s frustrating is the scars that it leaves behind that can linger for years. Luckily the method of removing acne scars have become much easier compared over decades ago. There a lot of new discoveries of skin treatment forms being used in the acne scar removal procedure. More surgeons and dermatologists can provide you with this treatment like DrZacharia“.

 Is it costly?

 The acne scar removal procedure is usually very expensive. It takes a lot of process to do compared to other types of treatment for acne. It depends on the suggestions of your doctor if you will be recommended to schedule many sessions in order to finish the treatment and sometimes may take longer for the scars to be completely removed.


Types of Scars

When an acne breakout penetrates the skin deeply it damages the skin beneath which causes the scar but before you try to treat these scars, it is highly recommended knowing which type of scar it is. These types of scars respond to each treatment differently and better than others. Here are some of them:

  • Faint Scars – retionoid and AHA ointments are some kinds of treatment that can help to cure these type of scars. These ointments are available at drugstores but it is still best to consult your dermatologist before using this as treatment.
  • Superficial Scars – this scar doesn’t have any kind of specific color. A treatment called chemical peel is the best and popular cure for this type.
  • Small Scars – A procedure almost same as the chemical peel called the dermabrasion is advised for this type. It helps to remove the damaged part of the skin and makes room for the new and fresher skin to appear.
  • Keloids – this type of scars have the same height. Procedures like radiation therapy, laser treatment and crysosurgery helps to cure this type.