Learn Various Types of Restorative Dentistry North York

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If you find that your teeth have been decayed or damaged, you can perform restorative dentistry measures to improve your smile. Before you perform any restorative dental services, you must first get good knowledge about them.


North York is an administrative area and former city in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A dental filling is the commonest type of restorative dentistry performed at restorative dentistry North York.

It is used to substitute damaged or decayed areas of the teeth that have led to the formation of cavities. With the selection of the right filling material, you can expect dental fillings to easily last for several years. It offers the functionally and appearance of an intact tooth.


A crown is basically a cap that is placed by your dentist over the broken, rotten, or cracked tooth. It is done to fix the tooth to its right shape, size, strength and aesthetic.


A bridge is needed when one or more teeth are missing. A fake tooth acquires the position of the missing tooth. Crown present on the adjacent teeth helps in holding the bridge in the right place. It also assists in preventing any gap in the smile, restore your normal bite, as well as assist in keeping the entire mouth healthy.


Hope the above information will definitely help you find the best restorative dental service for your case.